Creating the Geelong of the 21st Century


Creating the Geelong of the 21st Century – the Smart Geelong Network’s unique role continues

As it always has been, innovation is the key to a prosperous Geelong.

From the moment in the early 19th Century when James Harrison created the world’s first commercial refrigerator on the shores of Corio Bay, the region has been a place of groundbreaking ideas that produce tangible results that create wealth and jobs and make the world a better place.

Harrison’s invention, built into ships that travelled backwards and forwards across the hemispheres, put Geelong on the world map, as did the innovators who found new ways to work with wool.

In 2014, the world continues to look to Geelong where we have researchers looking at new ways to work with carbon fibre.

The world looks to us to find new ways of preventing global epidemics like bird flu.

The world looks to us to find better treatment for a range of diseases.

The Smart Geelong Network plays a unique driving role in promoting innovation in Geelong, and Geelong as a place of innovation.

In 2014, we celebrate the 10th Anniversary of the Smart Geelong Network Researcher of the Year Awards, the climax of a week of activities recognising the brilliant research and innovation going on in our region.

This year, the Smart Geelong Network introduces a new award, The Barry Jones Medal, to honour those who have followed Harrison’s lead and worked to keep Geelong on the world map as a place of innovation.

It’s going to be a huge time of celebration and innovation.

Join us.