Research and Innovation Expo

The Geelong Region is on the move and its educational and research organisations are leading the way. It’s the strength provided by working together cohesively through the Smart Geelong Network that enables Geelong to be a leader.

Geelong is committed to excellence. While Geelong has enjoyed prosperity and growth in manufacturing and agriculture during its 150 years, the region is now excelling in the areas of education, technology and research.

Smart Geelong Network is undertaking it’s 9th Annual Research & Learning Expo in November 2013 to showcase research and learning initiatives being undertaken in the Geelong region.

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Congratulations to the 2013 Researcher of the Year Award Category Winners:

Ruth Hamilton – McKillop Family Services
Weiwei Lee – Deakin University
Daniel O’Brien – Barwon Health
Sarah Shigdar – Deakin University
Dr Michael Smith – Barwon Health
Vanessa C. Vaughan – Deakin University School of Medicine
Professor Svetha Venkatesh – Deakin University
Dr Lana Williams – Deakin University School of Medicine 

Congratulations to the winner of the Highly Commended Award, Dr Michael Smith from Barwon Health, and to the winner of the 2013 Researcher of the Year Award, Professor Svetha Venkatesh from Deakin University.

Smart Geelong Network would like to thank our sponsors and guest speakers, as well as Truffleduck for providing a fantastic venue and catering for the 2013 Research Awards Dinner.